Message Board Rules

Procedure for becoming a member of the Syncope Message Board

The STARS / Syncope message board: where sufferers and family/caregivers can share their syncope troubles, ask questions to one another and write to other people with the same medical condition for advice and support. It provides an opportunity for sufferers and family/caregivers to express any worries they may have, discuss stories and experiences and reassure each other in difficult and unfamiliar times.

How to sign up:

Rules about writing on the message board:

  • This board is moderated, which means we check every message before putting it online.
  • You must sign up and be approved by STARS as a member before you can start posting messages on this message board.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Please start chatting but please don't swear, or talk about inappropriate topics as your message won't be put on the message board! We don't want to offend or upset anyone

How to Sign up for the Syncope message board:

  • To become a member click on the link below.
  • Next click on: sign up/ join.
  • Complete the information page, and decide a password.
  • Click ‘submit'.
  • Very soon you will receive an e-mail asking you to click on the Yahoo link to verify your membership. You will need to re-type in your password to verify your membership.
  • Hey presto! You are a fully fledged, signed up member of the Syncope Notice Board!
  • Get posting! Every time you post a message, all members will be notified of the new posting and able to reply more quickly!

Click on the link below to go to the Message Board and sign up.
By clicking on this link you agree to accept the Rules of Conduct as described above.

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