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New Executive Director Hired

Jody L Levitt has been hired as the executive director of Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS-US) and Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA-US) in response to the growing need for patient advocacy and information sharing to help avoid and detect potential life threatening circumstances due to a heart arrhythmia before, a time of crisis. Jody says, “Heart arrhythmia issues touch everyone’s family at some point.  Our goal is to make arrhythmia a household word in the US, like cancer or alzheimer’s by the year 2020.  Cardiac arrhythmias affect more than 5 million people nationwide, and result in more than 1.2 million hospitalizations and 400,000 deaths each year in the U.S.  Education can decrease the number of hospitalizations and deaths significantly.”

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Heart Rhythm Specialists Directory

The Heart Rhythm Specialists directory is a central global database highlighting local heart rhythm disorder specialists.
The database houses an international list of healthcare professionals, including doctors, general practitioners, nurses and cardiac physiologists, who have an interest in heart rhythm conditions (arrhythmias), including atrial fibrillation and syncope.

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